Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Did you know that Githeri is one of the easiest foods you can make? It requires very little effort and time. This is why many bachelors do not mind making Githeri as long as the boiling is done. You can boil a good amount of githeri and keep it in the fridge for later use. Now for those nights you sit and wonder what to cook, just go to the fridge, toss a few vegetables here and there and you will have a good meal of delicious githeri in less than 30 minutes.
Here is a picture of my boiled Githeri:

Here is a Simple Githeri Recipe that I use when am in a hurry:
What you need:
3-4 cups of boiled githeri
2 cloves of minced garlic
1 onion, diced
2 tomatoes -finely chopped
4 large potatoes-peeled and cubed
2 finely chopped carrots
Salt to taste
Any other spices you like

How to cook Delicious Githeri in just a few minutes
1. Place a large sufuria or pan on the fire. Add oil and let it heat before adding the onions and garlic. Let the onions cook until well browned.
2. Add the tomatoes and let them cook, until completely dissolved.
3. Add the potatoes and carrots and let them soak the tomato juice.
Tip: If you like your carrots crunchy, it is best to add them together with the potatoes. If you like them well-cooked, you can add them with the tomatoes.
4. Add the boiled Githeri and stir, mixing well with the vegetables.
5. Add 2 cups of water and let it simmer on low heat for 10-12 minutes. Check if the potatoes are well cooked and remove from heat source.
6. Let the Githeri sit for 10 minutes before serving.
Serve with avocado and enjoy you simple and delicious Githeri.
Here is the end-product:

Love it! Share your results when you try this!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Making easy and very delicious githeri is not that difficult.
As long as you want to, you can make it without much of a hassle.
However, you will need some spare time to boil githeri and get it ready for frying using one of the available githeri recipes.
When learning how to cook githeri, first read the post on how to choose ingredients for delicious Githeri.
After choosing the ingredients, you will have to choose the mode of boiling the maize and beans.
Usually, a charcoal jiko is what most Kenyans use to boil Githeri. It takes 3-4 hours to get it to a good soft consistency.
However, let me reveal a secret. The easiest way to boil Githeri is using a pressure cooker.
Currently, it is my favorite appliance in the kitchen.

It will take you only 30-45 minutes to have boiled Githeri, ready for frying through a pressure cooker. It all depends on whether you are using fresh raw ingredients or dry ingredients. It is easy and very convenient. I think you should try it.
Just go ahead, invest in a pressure cooker, thank me later.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

So, you have decided to cook Githeri...(best decision ever). Now you have to choose what ingredients to use.
It is important that all ingredients are fresh if possible to guarantee delicious tasting Githeri. If you have a farmers market near you, good for you. Just visit it and am sure you will get some fresh produce at a very cheap price.
Points to remember:
1. Maize/corn (whichever you prefer.) Githeri is best cooked with soft, green maize, fresh from the shamba. In Kenya, maize is never out of season and finding it at the farmers market wont be a difficult task. However, if you cannot get green maize, you can also use dried maize. However, the cooking time will be increased to ensure that the maize becomes soft.

2. Beans. These are an important part of the Githeri too. There are a wide variety of beans to choose from. Kidney beans are the most common choice especially in Kenya and I think they make delicious Githeri. Plus, they are highly nutritious. Choose healthy looking beans that are pleasing to the eye. You can also use fresh beans, direct from the farm.
3. Other legumes. You can also use other legumes such as black beans (njahi) for cooking Githeri. The choice is totally upto you. Be creative and am sure your Githeri will turn out great.

These are tips for choosing ingredients for the very basic Githeri. Soon, I will write about choosing ingredients for frying Githeri. Enjoy.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Githeri is a very nutritious meal. Here are 5 nutritional benefits of githeri.
1. Whole grains

Githeri is made of whole beans and maize/corn thus making it a very healthy meal.
There is nothing processed in githeri making it more healthy than most of the foods we eat.
The beans used to make githeri are a rich source of protein.
Beans are also a source of a host of minerals useful to the body.
3.Healthy carbohydrates

Whole maize provides a healthy source of carbohydrates which are important
in providing the body with energy to perform daily activities.
The maize in githeri is also an important source of vitamins.
4.Added nutritional value

One can easily increase the nutritional value of githeri by adding vegetables such as kale, spinach and cabbage.
5. Balanced
Githeri offers a balanced diet which is what we are all looking for in order to live healthier lives.

Generally, githeri is a balanced whole meal. Not only is githeri delicious but it is also extremely healthy and nutritious.
We choose to try foods for different reasons.Here are 3 amazing reasons why you should definitely try githeri.

1. It is authentic.
You want to try something authentic, something traditionally African, something unique to Africa: Githeri is the answer. It is authentic to the Kikuyu tribe of Kenya and will give you the true taste of Africa.

2. It is Easy to make
Githeri is usually a one pot dish making it one of the easiest foods to make.
The boiling requires little or no effort, just some patience.
The frying is amazingly simple and only requires ingredients that can be easily found at home.
3. It is delicious

Once you have tasted well-made githeri, you will keep going for more. It is delicious.
The flavors marry together to come up with a rich full taste that you will not forget.
What is Githeri?? Many people do not even know what githeri is. Not to worry, we are all set to let you know all about githeri, how to cook it and enjoy it to the maximum.
There are numerous traditional African foods.
A plateful of githeri

Different people from Africa have different foods as part of their culture. Kenya as a powerful part of Africa is no exception. Having more than 40 tribes, Kenya is home to numerous traditional African foods. In order to learn the food facts of the Kenyan people, it is important to know these tribes.

The Kikuyu tribe of Kenya boasts of Githeri as its authentic food.The Kikuyu live in the Central part of Kenya and are well known for Githeri as their staple food.

Basically, githeri is just a mixture of boiled maize and beans. This delicacy might seem simple to all of you but there are numerous ways to prepare githeri. Different people prepare githeri differently and this is a journey into the discovery of how different people cook githeri. This website not only intends to inform but also to discover new and innovative ways of cooking githeri.

This journey involves all of you and will only be successful with your feedback and help. Welcome and feel free to email me your githeri recipes so I can try them out and give you feedback.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

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