Saturday, February 15, 2014

What is Githeri?? Many people do not even know what githeri is. Not to worry, we are all set to let you know all about githeri, how to cook it and enjoy it to the maximum.
There are numerous traditional African foods.
A plateful of githeri

Different people from Africa have different foods as part of their culture. Kenya as a powerful part of Africa is no exception. Having more than 40 tribes, Kenya is home to numerous traditional African foods. In order to learn the food facts of the Kenyan people, it is important to know these tribes.

The Kikuyu tribe of Kenya boasts of Githeri as its authentic food.The Kikuyu live in the Central part of Kenya and are well known for Githeri as their staple food.

Basically, githeri is just a mixture of boiled maize and beans. This delicacy might seem simple to all of you but there are numerous ways to prepare githeri. Different people prepare githeri differently and this is a journey into the discovery of how different people cook githeri. This website not only intends to inform but also to discover new and innovative ways of cooking githeri.

This journey involves all of you and will only be successful with your feedback and help. Welcome and feel free to email me your githeri recipes so I can try them out and give you feedback.

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