Wednesday, May 7, 2014

So, you have decided to cook Githeri...(best decision ever). Now you have to choose what ingredients to use.
It is important that all ingredients are fresh if possible to guarantee delicious tasting Githeri. If you have a farmers market near you, good for you. Just visit it and am sure you will get some fresh produce at a very cheap price.
Points to remember:
1. Maize/corn (whichever you prefer.) Githeri is best cooked with soft, green maize, fresh from the shamba. In Kenya, maize is never out of season and finding it at the farmers market wont be a difficult task. However, if you cannot get green maize, you can also use dried maize. However, the cooking time will be increased to ensure that the maize becomes soft.

2. Beans. These are an important part of the Githeri too. There are a wide variety of beans to choose from. Kidney beans are the most common choice especially in Kenya and I think they make delicious Githeri. Plus, they are highly nutritious. Choose healthy looking beans that are pleasing to the eye. You can also use fresh beans, direct from the farm.
3. Other legumes. You can also use other legumes such as black beans (njahi) for cooking Githeri. The choice is totally upto you. Be creative and am sure your Githeri will turn out great.

These are tips for choosing ingredients for the very basic Githeri. Soon, I will write about choosing ingredients for frying Githeri. Enjoy.

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